Bass pro CC

Plastic cards have become a common way of storing money. It would seem that finances are reliably protected, because a credit card is always at hand, and you can get cash or pay in the store only by knowing the PIN code. However, not everything is so smooth. Bank card fraud is gaining momentum, as fraudsters come up with new schemes and frauds every time, the purpose of which is to withdraw money from the card account. In order not to become a victim of thieves and protect your own savings, you need to know all possible methods of data theft and options for protecting against them. A bank card is almost a universal tool in the financial world – wages are transferred to it, loans are issued, it is calculated at points of sale and on the Internet. If someone needs money on the other side of the earth – they can also be transferred using a card. At the same time, the number of crimes related to the theft of funds from plastic is also growing. Most of them are due to inattention and excessive trust of credit card holders. There are many ways to steal money from a card