Card dumps for sale

How exist card dumps for sale. The international payment systems introduced a requirement to expand the service information on the magnetic stripe of cards so that attackers, even with a photo of the card, could not generate a working magnetic stripe based on the data plotted on the card. So there was a CVV (CVV) code, which was not recorded anywhere except for the magnetic stripe, and which could be verified during the transaction by encrypting certain card data with a key stored in the bank, and comparing the resulting value with the received CVC (CVV) dump code. Without physical access to the card’s magnetic stripe to read it, attackers could no longer make a clone of the card. In addition, several earlier holograms were introduced on maps. For a while, the plastic card fraud curve went down… However, quite soon, from the beginning to the middle of the 90s of the last century, criminals mastered the forgery of holograms, and also put on stream the production of portable devices the size of a pager, through which you can copy the magnetic stripe with a card. Such a device is called a skimmer, and the method of obtaining dumps with them is called skimming. The criminals began to supply skimmers to waiters, gas station workers, store clerks – anyone who had access to customer service and their cards.