Cheap CVV shop

How do I use data from the cheap CVV shop? If you have only one card, then, using the example of the bank, you can remotely open a demand deposit (Savings Account) in your personal account of the bank, transfer any amount from the card to it and withdraw this money from your passport by visiting a bank branch. But why not go to the bank with a card and just ask to withdraw money from the card account using your passport? It will not work, because you will be required to enter the PIN code that you have forgotten. For more information, please refer to this article, where you will also learn that you can only get your money from your passport if you apply for a reissue of the card due to its loss or loss of the PIN code. In this case, the card will be reissued, but the money will still be issued (in fact, they will remain in your account, so they can be withdrawn on a new card).