Online shopping no CVV

How do I withdraw money from a card without a PIN? Not through an ATM. The other ways to access the account are not associated with the pin code. After all, the money is not stored on the card itself (only the number and pin code are stored on the card in encrypted form), but on the bank account and the card only gives access to account operations through an ATM or POS-terminal. When paying via the Internet, there is often enough information contained on the card (Name of the owner, card number, expiration date, CVV2), only some sources first block a small amount and for payment you need to enter the exact amount of the blocked funds, finding out it through an ATM, via SMS notification or from a bank employee, in this case, you will still need to know the PIN code, have the phone number of the card owner or know more detailed information about it (which can be asked by bank employees)